Learning About the Ford Flex Comfort Features

April 14th, 2019 by

The new Ford Flex has arrived, and it brings a lot of comfort with it. We have been in the car business for some time. We know how vital comfort is for car buyers, and it seems Ford understands that, too. The following are some of the comfort features worth considering if you still haven't fully committed to this three-row midsize SUV.

We know it is easier to drive when you adopt carpooling. This gives you a chance to reduce the amount of trips you have to take, and this helps the earth. The Ford Flex comes with seven passenger seats, and they all have been designed with a lot of legroom.

Comfort while sitting is one thing, but we also know that being able to take cargo is another reason car-buyers consider SUVs, and the Flex doesn't disappoint. The representatives at Midway Motors Ford Lincoln were surprised how easily the third row in this SUV collapses by simply pressing the PowerFold button that tucks these chairs into the floor of the vehicle.

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