Ford Explorer Offers You Top Tech Features

January 23rd, 2019 by

The Ford Explorer is a popular SUV with third-row seats and technology that is convenient and reliable for people who travel or commute. At Midway Motors Ford, we love to chat with our clients about the newest technology features in the Explorer. Ford+Alexa and SYNC 3 are features that are available to keep you connected to your home or office while you drive.

Ford+Alexa works through SYNC 3. If you are driving around town and want to pull up some of your Alexa skills, the Ford Explorer is ready! You can also control your smart home devices and access Amazon Prime.

SYNC 3 is a voice-activated technology. You can use the touchscreen to access your apps and preferences. There is also navigation to keep your Ford Explorer going in the right direction. Using the SYNC 3 technology is safer because you are hands-free and still have access to choice apps on your phone!


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