Explore the Track-Ready Ford Mustang

January 9th, 2019 by

Having a high-performance design, the Ford Mustang is an acclaimed muscle car. You can check out the convertible and coupe editions of this sports vehicle at Midway Motors Ford. When you take a test drive, you'll love the EcoBoost engines and other mechanical features that guarantee smooth handling.

The new Mustang has an advanced electric power steering system that runs on three different modes. Tuned for low-traffic driving on urban streets, the Comfort Mode minimizes your steering input. The Normal Mode provides extra leverage for navigating highways that have medium levels of traffic. The Sport Mode is optimized for high-speed driving on an open track.

This Ford muscle car also has the Launch Control, which significantly improves traction on a paved surface. A manual transmission system is required for this racing-inspired feature. You can view the real-time settings of the responsive Launch Control on the LCD instrument cluster.


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